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2020 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (Guangya Exhibition) Exhibition time: October 10-13, 2020 Exhibition address: Pazhou Exhibition Center, Guangzhou Exhibition location: Hall 13.2 A02
Carry out research and development of high temperature resistant electrolytic capacitors for mobile phone fast charging, product lightning test and other scientific research work.
The key points of aluminum electrolytic capacitor selection mainly include: capacity, withstand voltage, temperature range, package form and size, leakage current, impedance/frequency characteristics,
Most polar capacitors use electrolyte as the dielectric material, and polar capacitors manufactured by different electrolyte materials and processes have different capacities with the same volume.
Due to leakage, the electrolyte gradually dries up and loses the ability to repair the anodic oxide film medium, resulting in capacitor breakdown or deterioration of electrical parameters and failure.
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