Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Manufacture
DIP●SMDHornBoltSolid Manufacturer

Anxing Electronics strictly implements the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental system management, it has formed a complete management system from raw material procurement, capacitors R&D, design and manufacturing, till the  the products enter the warehouse. to ensure that the aluminum electrolytic capacitor products we send out reached the standred and meet customer needs. All the products have passed ROHS, REACH, CE and other certifications. The company strives for survival by quality, wins customers by reputation, strictly implements the inspection system, and conducts 100% inspection on the performance and appearance of all products.
ISO9001                                   ISO14001
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                  DIP Capacitor                      Power industry               R & D Center                                             
                  SMD Capacitor                    Lighting industry             Manufacturing Base                                
                  Snap-in Capacitor             Charger industry             Quality Assurance                              
                  Screw Capacitor                  Consumer electronics                                    
                  Solid Capacitor                   Communications industry                                                          
                                                             Industrial equipment                                                                    

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