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Anxing Electronic Mobile Phone Fast Charging High Temperature Capacitor Production Line Upgrade

Issuing time:2019-12-05 16:20

The technicalupgrading project of the high temperature resistant aluminum electrolyticcapacitor production line special for fast charging of mobile phones has beenfiled on the Hunan Provincial Investment Project on line Regulatory ApprovalPlatform on November 5, 2019. The project code is 2019-430903-39-03-040486,   the main contents are as follows:

1.   Basic information of theenterprise: Yiyang Anxing Electronics Co., Ltd., legal representative: PengShuaifan, unified social credit code 914309006735840395, the company wasestablished in April 2008 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, thebusiness scope is: capacitor production and Sales.

2.   Project name:high-temperature aluminum electrolytic capacitor production line of YiyangAnxing Electronics Co., Ltd.,   technologyupgrade project for mobile phone fast charging.

3.   Construction site: Longling IndustrialConcentration Zone, Yiyang City.

4.   Main construction content and scale: Theproject will carry out special research and development work on high temperatureresistant aluminum electrolytic capacitors for fast charging of mobile phones,including core material electrolyte and matching materials, lightning test andother scientific research work;   decoratethe existing plant, according to the standard of the dust-free productionworkshop of aluminum electrolytic capacitors; 32 sets of fully automatedproduction equipment were purchased, and 20 automatic production lines ofhigh-temperature resistant aluminum electrolytic capacitors dedicated to fastcharging of mobile phones were built, Correspondingly added water, electricity,Fire safety, environmental protection and other facilities, which enabled theproduction scale to reach an annual production capacity of more than 300million.

5.   Total planned investment of the project andsource of funds: The total investment of the project is 22 million yuan, andthe source of funds is self-raised by the enterprise.

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